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Hydraulic press manufacturer in China ---- HFM Press Group Limited

HFM Press Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as 'HFM') is a listed company on national asset committee with integrated upstream, midstream and downstream operations, strong machines core businesses and a complete marketing network. The company was set in 1951), pursuant to the Company Law of the People's Republic of China.

HFM is the largest manufacturer of deep drawing press, metal stamping press, double action press, blanking press, molding press, dishing press, die spotting press, tryout press, open die forging press, close die forging press, isothermal forging press and ring rolling machine in China. The scope of its business mainly covers the customized design, manufacture, and service.

  • Straight Side / Four-Column Servo Motor Driven Hydraulic press
  • Hydraulic Press for Automobile Door HemmingStraight Side / Four-Column Servo Motor Driven Hydraulic press is for automobile door hemming process, as well as drawing, forming and blanking process for metal materials and ...
  • Straight side Hydraulic press
  • Hydraulic Press for Automobile ChassisStraight side Hydraulic press is for automobile chassis and side member blanking and forming, as well as forming and bending processes for other metal parts.
    There are straight side frame...
  • Double action Hydraulic press
  • Dishing Press and Hot Metal Forming PressDouble action Hydraulic press is for cold forming and hot forming of dish heads, as well as flanging and straightening processes for various kinds of steel sheets. It is also used in pipe/tube fittings such ...
  • Hydraulic press for shipbuilding
  • Hydraulic Press for Shipbuilding Hydraulic press for shipbuilding is professional in shipbuilding industry for shaping of ship plates and forming of pressure vessels plates.
    1). Ram can move upwards and downwards, leftwards ...
  • Mechanical Press
  • Mechanical PressOur complete series Straight Side Four-Point / Two-Point / Single Point Mechanical Press Stamping Line / tandem press line is for universal purpose, which can perform various kinds of cold stamping processes for sheet metal parts, such as fine blanking, forming ...

HFM has established a standardized structure of corporate governance and adopted a management system of centralized decision-making, delegated authorities at different levels and business operations handled by specialized business units. It has more than 20 subsidiaries and branches including wholly-owned, equity-holding and equity-sharing companies, engaging in machine design, manufacture, assembly and after-sales, marketing, R & D and foreign trade. Business assets and principal markets are located in the mid east part of China, where China's most developed and dynamic economy zones.

As an endeavor to become a multinational machine company with fairly strong international competitiveness, HFM will seriously implement strategies of resource, market, integration and internationalization with more focus on innovation of science, technology and management expertise, as well as improvement of employees' quality.

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